The Past, Present, and Future of Professional Gaming

Major League Gaming (MLG) could be the home of professional gaming possesses been since 2002. Today we’re also in 2015, professional gaming ‘s been around for 13 several has grown tremendously given it started. The atmosphere, locations, games/consoles, and prizes all have changed during these past 13 years.

When Major League Gaming first commenced most people regarded it as fiction more than anything. People thought, professional gaming really? Yes really professional gaming became a thing then. It didn’t have a lot of attention from outsiders as well as non-gamers, but that will change. The atmosphere at the start of MLG was nothing spectacular, really the only emotional feeling you have access to would be on the players, plus the tiny number of spectators. It was the same as watching a sports game using a tiny level of viewers. Over the time frame the atmosphere grew to some whole new level; with time of course. Today the atmosphere is crazy. You can have the intensity as being a viewer, you will see the hype through the players, and then there are actual throngs watching. Not only are they watching but they’re supporting their team, being a sporting event. Fans make signs, and cheer because of their favorite teams and players. Looking into the near future, it will only expanding. There will likely be more fans as time passes and that means a greater portion of an atmosphere and excitement. Also, in the future new players arrive into the scene and combine excitement on the atmosphere. I guess we will see how are you affected.

The games have changed throughout the years as well. When MLG started there games played about the older versions of PlayStation, Xbox, and also Nintendo systems. There were games for instance Super Smash Bros. Melee, Soul Caliber, Call of Duty, and Halo. As time took to newer consoles newer games were added so were computers. Currently there will be the modern consoles and computers being employed in professional gaming. Some on the games are Call of Duty, Halo, Smite, and League of Legends. This will continue in the long term as well. The new versions of games is going to be played within the new consoles after they come out.

As time started so did the level of prize money. When Major League Gaming started the prize money was only from the hundreds. That prize funds are divided one of several number of players per team. So if the prize was $100, each player only got $25, so not much money whatsoever, that it was something but nothing special. As time took the prize pool increased on the smaller thousands and grew even larger. Now prize pools are from the higher thousands, hundreds of thousands as well as some are worth one million dollars. Now if the prize pool is $500,000 consumers team doesn’t all that money. That $500,000 is disbursed one of the top eight teams approximately and then separated based within the number of players.