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A Brief History of Playing Cards as Used for Solitaire and Other Games

Playing cards have been around since at least the 14th Century, although the deck of 52 that is most commonly used today is quite different from decks of cards invented by Asian peoples. When individuals play solitaire today, whether digitally or with paper cards, they’re accustomed to the deck with four suits and its royalty, also known as the court. Some potential reasons for the numbers and images are straightforward, but others are mysterious.

For instance, the 52 cards are likely to represent the 52 weeks of the year. It’s not certain, but the four suits could represent four seasons. When people play solitaire, they know there are 13 cards for each suit. The reason for this is unclear, but it might relate to moon cycles. Even though there are 12 months, the moon actually goes through its phases 13 times annually, with 28 days per cycle.

The images on the cards do not have to always be the same, but manufacturers of paper cards make them relatively standard. The queens hold flowers, for example. That’s not always the case in free online solitaire games. Some digital cards may only have the faces of the kings, queens and jacks, which also are known as knights or knaves. Game designers know that digital players often don’t care much about the artistry of the cards; they just want to pass the time and have a bit of fun. They easily recognize the royalty by the J, Q or K in the corners. The faces on the cards immediately alert them that those are not any of the numbered pieces.

Early decks had a variety of colors, but eventually the cards came to have the standard colors of red and black. The red suits are the hearts and diamonds, whereas the black suits are the spades and clubs. Games of classic online solitaire don’t have the one extra card that is often added to the deck of 52. That odd card is, of course, the joker; some decks even have two of them. Yet the joker isn’t needed for playing solitaire or for most card games.

Betballer Hitting It Right Out of the Park

Betballer: Hitting it Right Out of the Park

When you are making your bets online for ball sports, you want to find a website that will cater to all your needs, even before you recognize them. That is what you can expect with Betballer. There are so many sports that you can choose from including soccer, ice-hockey, tennis, basketball, snooker, American football, baseball, rugby and more.

Considering all of these ball sports available, it becomes clear why Betballer USA is called The Home of Ball Sports Betting. To begin with, you can win, and win big. The odds that are available are leading in the industry. If you are after a big win, make a big bet as this is a site that welcomes high rollers – no questions asked.

While you are waiting for your ball game to finish up, you also have the chance of enjoying a host of other games. This is because Betballer US also features a live casino with all your favorite card and slot fames.

Another reason that you will love playing on Betballer USA is the chance you are given to plan out your bets in advance. It has a feature that reveals all the sporting events that are coming up within the next week at the least, and you can place your wager way in advance. If you happen to stumble across the ball game of your choice, you can still make your bet while the game is going on. This means that you can always experience the action. There are also a range of payment options, including Bitcoin which is something that you will not find on a whole range of sites.

There is one more way that Betballer hits the ball right out of the park, and that is on its user interface. It has a stunning red and black theme with everything arranged in a clear and easy to access way. Whether you have lots of experience, or are just starting out as an online gambler, you will find that you can get everything that you need on this site for an unforgettable experience and big wins.